About me

Hey my name is gabby. M.
As you can tell this is my blog.
I am a american teenager.
I Love to read its one of my favorite things to I guess you can call me a Nerd. If that's the case then I am proud to be one. I read mostly YA fiction and Some of my favorites include The Hex Hall Series, The Maze Runner, Until I die Series, Mortal Instrument series, & Last, but not least Morganville Vampires. These are just a few of my many favorite books that I have read so far.

My Blog started sometime in the summer of 2011.
I found The Story Siren and found this community of book blogs that I loved. I loved the
idea of how you can share your opinions with other people who love books just like you.
Thus, Ya Pixie or what is now Gabby Reads was born.

My favorite thing to do while reading is drink a good STARBUCKS!! Its addictive lol and just down right good :)

My dream is to become a vet
or Marine Biologist and\ or travel the world someday and write to influence young teens like myself someday like the authors of books that I read today.

I don't own these Pictures : )

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