Feature and Follow #10 (I'm back!)

April 28, 2016

Hi Guys! 

 This is my feature and Follow. This is Hosted By Alison Can Read and Parajunkee and by clicking on the link you can learn a little more about how this meme works and how to join :)


This weeks prompt is...

3 favorite heroines, books they're in, and why you love them.


1.)Juliette from the Shatter me Series! I love Juliette because she never gives up even when all odds are against here she keeps fighting. She admits that she has faults and she Is ashamed of them. Which makes me love her more because it shows that everyone has their insecurities, but you just have to keep looking forward.

2.) I'm going to go with the most cliché answer, but Hermonie from Harry Potter! I absolutely loved Hermonie. She may have been ficitional, but she was still one of my idols growing up. She is one of my favorites because she shows girls that it is okay to be smart and to never be embarrassed of that!

3.)Ahh it's so hard only picking three! The last heroine would probably be Anna from The Sweets Trilogy. I adore this trilogy and it is probably one of my favorite books. I guess I love Anna because she always sees the good in everyone even when she shouldn't!

Leave me a comment to your blog so I can see your favorites and let me know if you've read any of these books!                  


April 14, 2016

Hey everyone, so I started a YouTube channel! Yeah that happened, so be sure to go over there and subscribe to see more reviews, tags and book related videos! Also, comment below which tag or challenge I should do next!  Link to my YouTube :)