{Shawn Mendes} Book Tag Blog Edition!

February 10, 2016

AHHH you guys have no idea how excited I am to present this to you guys! I hope ya'll love it! I know I love doing book tags,  I don't think I can get enough of them.  If you haven't seen my vlog edition of this on the blog here's the link! Click Here. Please go over and watch that!

Anyways, Okay so even if you have no idea who Shawn Mendes is you can still participate! 


YUP! YOU HEARD ME RIGHT! YOU CAN STILL DO THIS TAG! All you have to do is listen to the song and follow the list that's going to be listed below... Let me explain! 

Alright so if you'd like to do a blog edition of this here is all the tag information.     
      Set this up however, you'd like on your blog!

Here is all the little rules i've made up for each song. If you're stuck and want some inspiration try listening to the songs. Like I said you don't have to listen or even know the songs to participate in this tag.


·      Stiches – Pick a book that has left you in pieces 
·      A Little too much – Pick a book where the main character struggles to accept who they are.
·      I don’t even know her name – Chose a book where a character chases after a character they barely know. 
·       I know what you did this summer – Pick a book where the main character has a dirty little secret. 
·      Strings – Pick a book where one character wants to be more than just friends.
·      Air – Pick a book where things just aren’t quite working out for two characters
·      Aftertaste – Pick a book where a character realizes that they lost the best thing in their life. 
·      The Weight – Pick a book where a character struggles with depression.
·      Life of the party- Pick a book where the main character is the life of the party.
·      Something big – Pick a book where something big is foreshadowed or foreseen.

I've worked so hard on this and trying to figure a way to incorporate everyone in the youtube  and the book blog community :D 

So I really, really hope ya'll enjoy this!

Please don't be shy! Leave a comment linking me to your blog post or vlog! 

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  1. Ok so, I wanted to check out your HP Spell tag but I'm at work, so watching a video wasn't going to work! I came here because I saw your gifs for The Tenth Doctor and Dean Winchester...and considering you love Harry Potter too, I'm pretty excited all around ♥ I'm really behind on my tags but if I can catch up I'd love to do this one too :D Thanks for stopping by my HP Moment post earlier! xx