Stacking The Shelves (It All Begins Again!)

September 12, 2015

Stacking the Shelves is a meme hosted by Tyngas Reviews that allows bloggers to feature the books they've recently received. To find out more about the rules and how to participate go to the Offical Launch Page.

So once again, hey guys!! 
Since I've just done a new relaunch of my blog :D, Stacking the Shelves is defiantly coming back! I've got so many exciting books this week to show you!

Received from NetGalley: 

The Trouble with Destiny by Lauren Morrill 
The Lost Girl by R.L. Stine

#Review: Saved By The Bell

September 10, 2015


Saved By The Bell
AUTHOR: Joelle Sellner & Chynna Flores
PAGES: 112
PUBLISHER: Roar Comics
RELEASE DATE: July 1st,2015
SOURCE: Received a copy via netgalley. 
Thanks so much for letting me read and review this!

The Classic TV series gets an update for today's brand new high-schoolers as the coolest kids at Bayside High start their freshman year!

All your favorite characters -- Zack, Slater,Kelly,Lisa,Screech and Jessie(and Mr.Belding of course!) are starting freshman year at Bayside High, Tading in brick phones and mullets for iPhones and twitter accounts. Does Lisa's fashion show get on the air, and will Screech ever leave her alone? Will Jessie get that A+? And,most importantly, who's Kelly going to go out with -- preppy Zack or start athlete A.C. Slater? It's alright, 'cause we're saved by the bell!

New Beginnings!

Hey all my fellow bloggers and readers!

It's been quite a while since I've blogged. Everything was so hectic with high school that I just didn't have time to read anymore or blog for that matter. However, now that I'm out of school and in college I've found out that I have so much extra time to do the things I love again. Thus, I'm starting my blog up again!