#Review: Saved By The Bell

September 10, 2015


Saved By The Bell
AUTHOR: Joelle Sellner & Chynna Flores
PAGES: 112
PUBLISHER: Roar Comics
RELEASE DATE: July 1st,2015
SOURCE: Received a copy via netgalley. 
Thanks so much for letting me read and review this!

The Classic TV series gets an update for today's brand new high-schoolers as the coolest kids at Bayside High start their freshman year!

All your favorite characters -- Zack, Slater,Kelly,Lisa,Screech and Jessie(and Mr.Belding of course!) are starting freshman year at Bayside High, Tading in brick phones and mullets for iPhones and twitter accounts. Does Lisa's fashion show get on the air, and will Screech ever leave her alone? Will Jessie get that A+? And,most importantly, who's Kelly going to go out with -- preppy Zack or start athlete A.C. Slater? It's alright, 'cause we're saved by the bell!

Saved By The Bell used to be one of my favorite shows when I was younger and I used to wake up early just to watch it before school. So when I saw this on Netgalley I knew I had to read it! I mean come on, Saved By The Bell in current times how cool!

Normally I would put a summary in my own words here, however, this comic consist of 8 different short stories, each one focusing on Lisa, Jessie, Slader,Kelly, Zack or Screech. They were each a super light and easy read. I got this comic today and finished it in about an hour. I loved the different stories and that it wasn't just one long comic focusing on just Zack because,lets be honest, we always saw Zack in the show. I really wanted to see what each individual character was like in this novel. I commend the authors for really sticking to the initial personalities of the original characters.There was points in this comic where I could literally picture the actors saying. This book fit the original personalities to the T.  

Some things that really caught me was how they interacted and reacted todays technology and even made jokes about the older technology. For example in the one of the short comics Zack finds an old phone,like the one he used to use all the time in the show to stir up trouble,  and says, "who would ever use this brick?"  I really wish they would have featured Jessie a little more because she's the one character I really did not get to see a lot.  

Overall, this story was a light,airy read! 
If your curious to see what's shaking at Bayside, jump into this comic!

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