New Beginnings!

September 10, 2015

Hey all my fellow bloggers and readers!

It's been quite a while since I've blogged. Everything was so hectic with high school that I just didn't have time to read anymore or blog for that matter. However, now that I'm out of school and in college I've found out that I have so much extra time to do the things I love again. Thus, I'm starting my blog up again!

This gift explains how giggly and excited I am to have this blog back and be able to have time to cater to the needs of being a blogger!

You might have noticed a few changes, because I figured it was time for a new beginning of this blog.

I have brand new name! my blog was formerly Gabby Reads, but I decided to change it up a little bit because it wasn't very creative on my part and I wanted something new to represent my self.

Going on that same token, I also got a new blog! I absolutely love it and it caters to the new theme very well and I'm so excited going forward that ya'll will be looking at something so much better than my old flowery pink one that was designed catered to 12/13 year old me haha.

A big thanks goes out to Serena from Loves Pretty Wild Things for designing this amazing new blog for me! She is seriously amazing! So if anybody is in the market for a new design, she is your girl! She was fast, understand and defiantly a pleasure to work with!

I hope ya'll continue to support and follow this blog! There will be lots of good stuff coming up on this blog and I hope ya'll will continue the journey with me!

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