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March 11, 2014

The Academy: Love Match
Author: Monica Seles
Series: The Academy
Pages: 224
Publisher: Bloomsbury USA Children
Release Date: February 25th,2014
Source: Received a copy via netgalley from Bloomsbury.  Thank you so much for allowing me to review this book!

Getting into The Academy is the easy part. Staying there takes more than just talent. After being betrayed by her rival and her boyfriend, Maya knows she needs to shrug off the drama and focus on her game. And after a strong showing in the semi-finals at a tennis competition, Maya seems pretty focused. Until that competition brings a new round of gossip, a modeling gig, and renewed feelings for . . . her ex?

And Maya’s not the only one with drama. Cleo just won her first big golf tournament, but the blogs are bashing her alternative style. Renee is smitten with the school’s newest soccer star, Diego. And the Reed brothers are being pitted against each other by their father, their love for Maya, and the press

The Academy: Game On was amazing so when I saw this on netgalley, it was a no brainer I knew I had to have it and read it. Quite frankly, I'm so glad I did because The Academy: Love Match is even intenser with more actual sports games and matches that were so captivating and fun to cheer for the person you wanted to win. 

The Academy Love Match starts off with the aftermath of the betrayal Maya is left to face. Her life is becoming intensely complicated balancing a rising stardom and the Reed brothers. Maya defiantly has here hands full in this continuation of her story. 

Once again we get to see the ever so present Chloe and she is defiantly one of the characters that struggles with her identity in this novel. She certainty is a major part of this story! I  also enjoyed this book not only because of Maya's persistent attempts at success and overcoming major obstacles, but because of Chloe, whom after getting a lot of backlash from the golfing community about her sense of style and the way she chooses to dress, fights back and tries not to let it get to her because her style is her and that's honestly such a strong worded message in today's society and I just love that Monica Selles made this message in one of her characters especially in Chloe because she is absolutely one of my favorite characters of this novel by far.( Sheesh that was a really long run on sentence haha)
Then we have the Reed Brothers, who I absolutely must talk about, are one of Maya's main obstacle because the situation coming into this book is so raw and untouched that when you jump into this book Maya's thinking is still fresh as the betrayal she had been dealt with. However, Travis definitely steps up in this book. Although, I'm still very suspicious of his character because lets face it I  am fangirling over Jake who is by far just an innocent by standard in all of this and I really do feel for him. 

Anyways, while I enjoyed this book, looking back after I read it  and even now  I still can't figure out the climax of this novel. While there is many things that happened in this book there is nothing that I can point out as the actual climax of this book. Normally climaxes are very noticeable and you notice right away,when you get to it,that it is the climax. This is also the point where your heart completely stops beating and your sitting on the edge of your seat. Unlike the first one, there was no reaction remotely like that to anything in this book that made me continue turning because of suspense -- I turned page after page purely out of curiosity because I honestly can never leave a book and not find out how it ended.

Ending on a high note, the reason I loved Love Match so much was not because of the climax or the plot, but for the characters who all come back stronger then ever and the increased sports and new sport competitions in this novel. Also, Maya finds out her place in the academy and becomes such a strong competitor and her character is very humble about her success unlike Nicole. Which, I will not even get on the subject of Nicole because we might be here a while with all my ranting. 

This book was a pleasure to read and returning fans will enjoy this new addition to The Academy series. With increased and intense sport matches, anything is possible and might I add ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE IN THIS BOOK. You won't want to miss out on this book! 

 If you haven't checked out the first one it's the Academy: Game on.  
Well what are you still doing here? Go look it up now because It is amazing. 

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