ARC Review: Prisoner B-3087

April 1, 2013

Prisoner B-3087
Author: Alan Gratz
Publisher: Scholastic
Release Date: March 1st,2013
Source:  Review copy received via net galley.
 Thank you so much scholastic for providing me with a copy to review


Survive. At any cost.
10 concentration camps.
10 different places where you are starved, tortured, and worked mercilessly.It's something no one could imagine surviving.But it is what Yanek Gruener has to face.As a Jewish boy in 1930s Poland, Yanek is at the mercy of the Nazis who have taken over. Everything he has, and everyone he loves, have been snatched brutally from him. And then Yanek himself is taken prisoner -- his arm tattooed with the words PRISONER B-3087.
He is forced from one nightmarish concentration camp to another, as World War II rages all around him. He encounters evil he could have never imagined, but also sees surprising glimpses of hope amid the horror. He just barely escapes death, only to confront it again seconds later.
Can Yanek make it through the terror without losing his hope, his will -- and, most of all, his sense of who he really is inside?
Based on an astonishing true story

Okay, I will admit I am addicted to Holocaust books. I have no clue why, but it’s interesting. This book reminds me of why this even was such as tragedy, they all do. This book reminds me how horrible life was for these people that went through this and the cruelty of it all. Every time I read a Holocaust book it brings tears to my eyes and this one did the same.
This book is based off of a true story and is about a boy who loses his parents due to a selection and then eventually gets deported as well. Throughout this story, he takes us on a journey through the 10 different camps he’s been to and his experiences.
During this book he goes to 10 different camps! 10! That’s a lot! I don’t know how he survived and stayed under the radar. From past reads I know how difficult it can be and I have to say, he was a lucky boy compared to others, but this poor boy worked and worked and never gave up!
What makes this book such an emotional roller coaster is that he never gives up! It is really inspirational that he never gave up. You could also tell in this book that he was a very caring boy – even when he was sick he tried to help the others around him. Though, not all the time because of what his Uncle Moshe told him, but to the people he became close to. In this book he becomes really close to a boy named Fred who became his friend at one of the camps. They did everything together and protected each other. Forming a very strong bond, that really was amazing.
Yanek has an amazing story to tell. Forget about how the plot was or the climax because that was good as well. This book is real! It will bring tears to your eyes and remind you of why you should be grateful every day!  I, myself, know that this book is very inspiring and reminds me to be so thankful to my surroundings because these kids went through hell. If I was in their situation I honestly don’t know what I would do.!  
If you’ve never read a Holocaust book, I encourage you to start here because throughout the course of the book I was immersed and heart broken, but hopeful and inspired by this amazing story being told!  Don’t miss this inspirational story that is Prisoner B-3087

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  1. There is something.. intriguing and fascinating about the Holocaust. I think it is a good thing to remind this dark period and the cruelty. I'm especially curious about this book, because it's based on a true story. Thanks for putting this one on my radar *heads to Goodreads*