March Update

March 10, 2013

Well hello there guys\gals,
things have been super hectic and still are. 
Towards the ending of the school year things get particularly very slow on this blog due to testing , exams and projects which is happening right now. 
I know I am very sorry that post haven't been produced as much as I would want, but studying is a priority at the moment so I haven't had the time to read many books or write reviews.

I have finally finished most of my projects and started reading again so hopefully this month will be  a productive one than last and I can't wait to start posting again!

I have just started to catch up on all my review books since my absents in reading has left me in a rush to read books I was supposed to read a month ago XD. 

I am currently reading Things I can't Forget (Hundred Oaks #3) And I promise you this book will be done tonight! I always read these books in a day because they are so amazing.! (If you haven't checked it out you totally should. )Which means I will have a review up sometime this week :).

Also, Once this blog gets back on the road I will post a new review every week on a Monday and sometimes I will post 2 reviews and if that's the case the second one will be posted on a Thursday. 

On the rest of the days of the week I hope to alternate (Every other week) things like Teaser Tuesday, WWW, Stacking the shelves and Follow Fridays!     

Thanks for sticking by my blog in this slow time...

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