Discussion: Cover Madness

March 24, 2013

Hi there again guys, So I've decided to bring back Cover Madness because I really like comparing and hearing your thoughts and I got just that the last time. So, to make it official this will be a new feature on the blog from now on and posted on Sundays. 

This week: 
Anthem for Jackson Dawes 

UK Cover
US Cover



These covers are both amazing. I think this one really is a draw for me because I like both. The UK Looks really pretty with the graphic cover. While, the US Cover looks really good because it includes real people. I honestly don't know which one would make me buy the book more because honestly I would buy either of these books if I saw it.

The Madness Underneath

US Cover
UK Cover


I have to say I hate judging a book by it's cover, but oh my goodness... The UK Cover is not that eye drawing... Honestly it makes me want to run away. While the US cover is pretty and purple. Oh and it fills my wish that all my covers in the series match. I honestly don't know what to say that's nice about the UK version...  Am I being too harsh? Is it just me?

What do you think of the cover's? Which one looks better in your opinion? Do you like this feature? 
 Feel free to join along and link back here :)

  1.  Create a post using my graphic I used or anyone you want to create
  2. Can be any country's cover vs. the US cover.
  3. Explain which one you think is better and why.
  4. Link back here.

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