Discussion: New Years

January 1, 2013

Hi Guys,
 First of Happy New Years, I hope you enjoying your New Years and being safe. I myself have fun popping fireworks and I'm not sure if many other people do that. This discussion  is New Years Resolutions and I know that many people set one and don't accomplish their goal\ resolution

My resolution this year is to lay off a bit on requesting ARC's and read those long,awaited books that have sat on myself for quite a while. We all do this. I particularly always buy a book and then get overwhelmed with school work and instead of reading those books . I read the ARC's due to an upcoming release since I need that review up sooner. I currently just bought a lot of books for Christmas so I currently have about 15 books that need to be read and that I want to read and about 4 or 5 ARC's I have yet to read. So After I finish reading those Arc's I am going to read more of the books I own. Hopefully I stay hopeful to my goal. 

Also, with the New Year brings setting up a new reading goal. Last years goal was pretty high and I only got about halfway done with 43 books. This year I am going to try to manage my time wisely and produce more reviews as well. Setting a new reading goal can be really tricky because you don't want to overwhelm yourself. You want to make your goal reachable with you schedule, but better than last year. I myself am going to set a goal of 60 this year and hopefully I reach beyond that. It all depends on my schedule and school work. 

Well guys\gals,
I hope you have an amazing holiday and now for the discussion questions.

What is your new years resolution?
-What are your future blog plans?
Are you setting up a Reading goal on GoodReads?
-What is that goal?
- Did you reach yours last year?     

Happy New Years!!!


  1. I haven't made a list of my goals yet. When I do, there will definitely be goals to read more fun stuff outside of my school books. I was really bad about that this year and I just need to make time for it. :)

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  3. Hi, Happy New Year as well. New follower: www.superspudtrilogy.blogspot.com I blog about my boo (walking, talking chip packets) writing, marketing and other things.

    Answers to your discussion questions...
    1. Eat well, do exercise, meet new people, write more books
    2. Keep working on the design and gaining new followers. Don't just blog about my book but about other things too. Be involved in blog tours and giveaways.
    3 and 4.Yes :) 25
    5. No :( I reached 18 out of 20... for shame.