Discussion Time: Fall T.V. Shows

October 14, 2012

Hey guys, It's Gabby again.
So today I thought I'd do a discussion on all of  the show's I watch that just started for the fall season.
Please feel free to leave your comments on what you think about these shows so far.

  • One I have just recently watched was The Vampire Diaries. Yes I'm sorry I couldn't help, but put this first : D

The Vampire Diaries season just started up again last Thursday and might I say omg I was in awe the whole time. (This might contain spoilers so if you haven't watched the season premier yet I would suggest scrolling to the next show.)

Okay so first of as we all know,If you've watched the season finale last time, Elana has been in a car crash and we were informed that Merdith gave her Damion's blood when she came in the hospital recently. This ultimately means she has vampire blood in her system when she died; Last season left on a major cliff hanger. Darn CW.
  Well, as the showed started this time around Elena woke up and started to remember and came to the realization that she was a vampire. Elena really didn't like this very much so almost the whole time she's in a sort of denial trying to figure out what she wants to do.I was screaming in my head at her because let's face it I've longed for her to be a vampire for so long. Am I the only one who feels this way? Once again Am I the only one or was everyone else fan girling when Stefan saved her :) (Sorry Demon fans)  When she remembers and Damon confronts her I am just like no Elena no! Stefan .. hehe.There was many other things going on.Such as, Bonnie getting in much trouble for using black magic and Ultimately losing her grandmother as the consequences.( Seriously Bonnie she warned you. Why? ) Also, Tyler's mom and Caroline's mom were pretty much removed from their jobs while the towns anti-vampire.. err crazies take over and might I say things do get crazy. Like talk about the ending... They kill their self's well the priest kills himself and his followers. Seriously? Wow.. can I say nutcase. Also, speaking of Caroline, what happened to Tyler in the end I wanna know if he lives or not! If he doesn't that is so unfair because let's face it they are so cute. Team Tyler all the way. I kind of hate Klaus, he doesn't deserve Caroline, I mean look at what he did to his own sister.
  •  The Next show that just came back on was Glee :) love love love this show. I mean I am pretty sure every nerd does.. 

Well, most anyway.  There was so many twist and turns in just like what 3-4 episodes. p.s. yet again Ryan Murphy makes us wait forever to see the next episode.! Sigh* So far on Glee it has taken a very weird turn that was for the best. Honestly I didn't think they would make the season the way they did. I thought that Rachel (Lea Michelle) & Kurt (Chris Colfer)Was going to be off the show since they graduated, but not at all. It's been so exciting.! I love how they worked her going to New York in her life into the show as well. Not only do they include this aspect of the show they totally have new characters that have crazy unexpected ties. Like Puck has a little bad butt brother that he has no clue about( well didn't lol) and in actuality he is almost the same as Puck when he first started McKinley. Then there is the new Rachel, Marley who by the way, Am I the only one who wants her and Jake together!? Just like am I the only one who wants Brody and Rachel together. Okay so on that subject, I thought I wanted her with Finn so much last season that I cried when he brought her to the train station, but then she mets Brody and now I am so caught between who I want her with, but I am pulling more towards Brody. Honestly, I don't even know why. Maybe it's because he is flirting with her and helping her and is as sweet as can be. Omg talking about them reminds me of Kurt and Blaine. *tear. How could you Blaine. It's so sad watching "The Break Up," because everyone that we grown to love is completely ripped apart from us and it's like their mocking us like no you can't have them they are meant for someone else!

  • Next this show hasn't come on yet, but is coming on soon and it is another Ryan Murphy production that I probably shouldn't be watching, but my friends sucked me into this show. Typically I don't watch or read scary show's\stories, but for some reason I torture myself by watching this because it's so darn good. This show is American Horror Story. Violet and Tate :) = my heart loves them so much. Since the new season hasn't started I don't really have much to say about this one yet..

  •  This show has gotten so much better since the first season! This show has my attention every Monday night! Bay really is caught finding herself and struggling might I say. I kind of really like Daphne so much better than Bay. I know I am Bias, but omg Daphne has been so stuck on Chief. Which is fine, but he is so old! I wish he wasn't that old because they are so cute and to add more drama to that now the whole staff knows. Bay with her graffiti is just not going to end up well I really hope the new guy can pull her out of it by gaining her trust and spending his time with her to talk with her and just ultimately get her to stop the street art because the friends she is making are not ones she should be hanging out in my opinion. She just bailed 2 people out of jail and didn't even know she was bailing two out of jail. Because her supposed "Friend," Forgot to mention that. Oops I forgot I'm sorry I didn't remember. Who does that?

Okay so I guess that ends my rambling and opinions on the shows I watch. I know this isn't book related, but I thought this would be a good discussion for people to respond to . I really want to know what your thoughts are on these shows. So, Please leave my comments below and tell me whatcha think about these shows. I know I left out Once Upon A Time(Sorry ) Leave me your thoughts about that to! Oh and please tell me if you think Discussion Time Should be regular blog post on the blog :) I would love to do A ddiscussion if you like it :)

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