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June 26, 2012

  Hi there,
Well, I originally had sent this to Young Bloggers United, but they stopped before posting this so I decided why not just post it on my blog. So here I am. I didn't make up these questions I had my friends pick out some random questions and I answered them. Well here we go,

Contemporary or Paranormal Ya : I love contemporary ya every once in a while , But I love to read Paranomal all the time.
Hunger Games or Maze Runner : Well, I have only read the first book in The Hunger Games so I don't think I am attached to it as much as The Maze Runner.
Hot chocolate or Iced Coffee :  Iced Coffee hands down unless it's winter than hot chocolate.
Vlogbrothers or Charlieissocoollike : Vlog Brothers of course, I'm a nerd fighter. 
Facebook or Twitter : Twitter.
Coke or Rootbear : Rootbear.
The Nine Lifes of Chloe King  or Pretty Little Liars : That is really hard because I love them both, but Pretty Little Liars. I love a good mystery.
The Vampire Diaries or The Morganville Vampires series  : I love them both, but The Morganville Vampires is amazing and they still have my attention after reading the 11th book.
Softball or soccer : Softball 
Halloween or Easter : It might be creepy to say, but Halloween is my favorite time to sit down with a creepy book and read. 
John Green or Hank Green? I love Hank, but I have to say John, He talks about some pretty interesting stuff sometimes.
 Harry Potter or Twilight? Wow seriously? That's not even a question... Harry of course.

Well that's it for this time maybe I'll do another Q and A soon. If you have any questions feel free to ask me and please leave comments below and give me your opinions on these questions. 
Well until then guys\gals happy reading :) 

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