Hi there again,

June 7, 2012

Hi again guys\gals,
I recently decided to change my blog design ..again. Yes, I know I change it a lot, but I just didn't find that it was working out. Speaking of not working out along with the blog design working out  I don't think my blog name was either. So with that being said I did re-name my blog and it is now called Gabby Reads. I know that changing a blog name is very hard to do seeing as people know you from the previous name, but I just couldn't find anything to match the name. When it came to finding blog designs for it  I will admit it was hard and the ones that I really liked had nothing to do with my title most of the time. Yeah, I could have paid to get a blog design done, but I don't really want to risk spending a decent amount of money when I have few followers. I think that sooner or later I will get a custom blog design, but when the time is right and when I can blog all the time. Not like I have been doing -- posting a little here and there. I want to be able to get back to reading at a somewhat fast pace and post here more frequently. Until, I break out of this, "reading fog," I call it because I want to read and I still get books, but it's like ugh I don't want to read. It's buming me out to because I do want to read, but I have to find a really good book to really pull me out of that. Like I said though until then I can't really post regularly. I honestly never know when I am going to finish a book at the moment so I don't want to chance it. On lighter news If you noticed that my header is acting crazy and I have no idea why I've pretty much tried everything to get the title in the middle and I can't figure it out so I will find a way to fix it soon. :)

Well until then,
Gabby :)  now from Gabby Reads


  1. I like the new name, and I LOVE the new look!

    1. Thanks so much :D I tried to make it look the best I could.