Imm ( In my Mailbox #4)

August 13, 2011


Carpe Corpse- Rachel Caine (Goodreads\ Barnes & Noble)
Ten Things We Did -Sarah Mlynowski ( Goodreads\ Barnes & Noble)
Fade out- Rachel Caine (Goodreads\ Barnes & Noble)

Thirteen Reasons Why Movie

August 11, 2011

Well, I just found out that there was going to be a Thirteen Reasons Why Movie which really excites me because I loved this book.I also heard that selena gomez is going to be playing the voice of hannah. I found many different fan-made movie posters, but I am going to show the one I loved the most. I also found out that this movie is coming out in 2013 which is a long time seeing I can't wait to see how the movie comes out.

Teaser Tuesday

August 9, 2011

"That's it ?  That's your big goodbye? "Eve asked.
"What's wrong with it?"
Claire looked at Eve, Mystified. "I think I need guy Cliff Notes".
"Guys aren't deep enough for cliff notes"
"What where you waiting for, flowery poetry?"Shane snorted." I hugged.I'm done." 
Page 13  Lord Of Misrules (Morganville #5)  By Rachel Caine  

imm(In My Mailbox #3)

August 7, 2011


A need So Beautiful- Suzanne Young
Bad girls don't die - Katie Alender
Forgotten- Cat Patrick